Daily Connect


We use the application Daily Connect to communicate daily information regarding your
child’s eating, sleeping, diapering and/or play habits during the day.
You can create an account with Daily Connect to access the events as soon as they are
logged during the day.

How Daily Connect helps during the day:
  • Daily Connect improves communication
    between you and the teachers.
  • Connect anytime, and know immediately
    what your child is doing during the day.
  • Get peace of mind and a sense of
    connection to your baby throughout the day.
  • Receive pictures of your child in action. You
    can also download and share these photos.
  • Use graphs to better understand your child’s
    schedule, and identify patterns.
  • Receive customized alerts and notifications
    for message and entries saved by the
  • Even if you’re not using the application, an
    email is automatically sent to you at the end
    of the day with a summary.

The information is protected and secured and only accessible and shared with authorized family members and caregivers

Mobile application: $4.99 (one-time fee, optional)
( iOS 6+, Android 2.3+, Apple Watch)App Store

Web application: free (www.dailyconnect.com)Google Play Store