About Us

a boy building blocks

Our educators and caregivers endeavor to provide a nurturing, safe, and developmentally suitable learning environment. You can rest assured that your child will be in a loving and caring school.

Why We Are Different

  • Home Away From Home: My Little University is a family business. Our environment is nurturing and supportive of your child’s needs. Our goal is to let your child feel that MLU is his or her home away from home.
  • Curriculum: Our curriculum for infants, toddlers, two’s, and pre-K is the Creative Curriculum—a high quality, comprehensive, research-based program that encompasses exploration and discovery as a way of developing children’s learning. The Creative Curriculum prepares children for State Core Standards once they reach elementary school.
  • Free Screen Environment: We are proud to offer a screen-free environment throughout our center. Our students create, discover, and build new habits while having space for discovery without screen stimulation.
  • Summer Camp Program with Regular Tuition: At MLU, summer camp is 9 weeks of pure fun! It allows your child to continue learning and developing while having fun with classmates and teachers in an environment that screams fun, fun, fun!
  • Wellness Program: The tuition includes yoga-meditation and music & movement activities because we believe in the importance of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Your child will develop a strong academic foundation, awareness of inner peace, and healthy life choices in early childhood.
  • All Food Is Included in the Tuition: No need to send food from home; we provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks for your child. Whether your child is a vegan, vegetarian, have food allergies, or eats all kinds of foods, we provide healthy food choices. Your child is also offered two snacks: whole milk/skim milk and water.
  • Security: 64 surveillance cameras keep watch of all that happens inside and outside of our building. Our front door and main door leading to classrooms are locked at all times as well; no one has access to our students. Additionally, we have installed panic buttons throughout the school.
  • KidReports: We use the application KidReports to communicate daily information regarding your child’s eating, sleeping, diapering, and/or play habits during the day. As well as keeping your child’s early childhood education portfolio for future educational reference.