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Let your kids say hello to the wonderful outside world with great beginnings here in My Little University. Aside from being an early education center, we also provide quality child care to children ages 0-1 year.

From the newborn to the infancy stage, babies need the right kind of care that can only be sufficed by loving parents, especially mothers. But whenever there is a high need for couples to look for the right facility to entrust their kids while they are gone for work, My Little University is the perfect place of choice.

We have a safe and nurturing environment that fosters love, warmth, and affection in children especially in the early stages of their life. With the right coordination with parents and assigned care providers, we provide these little ones a home and a daily routine that they can easily get comfortable with. We provide services like feeding and changing diapers to ensure the health and nutrition of delicate little children.

As they slowly grow-up and start to explore the world around them, we provide them with a highly conducive environment that:

  • encourages them to move around developing their motor skills
  • allows them room to practice walking and enhance balance and mobility
  • gives them a chance to discover more the world around them through toys and learning facilities
  • develop their social skills through playmates and highly-interactive staff
  • allows them to rest well and play safely when needed

Basically, the children’s schedule of activities will very much depend on their parents’ recommendation. My Little University makes sure that whatever it is that the child has been accustomed to at home will be very much followed in our facility and should there be any need for changes, we will allow for a smooth transition that will not disrupt the natural body clock of your baby.

During this most delicate stage, you cannot just entrust your child to anyone. My Little University gives you the peace of mind that you need, knowing that with your help and guidance, we can very well extend the kind of care that you, yourselves, would give to your own child. Discover how My Little University can be the second home of your beloved little one. Schedule a site tour with us soon.

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