Shining Sophomores

boy and girl playing

Shortly after their first birthday, you will be surprised on how babies can speedily grow and progress from all aspects.

Physically, he will become more active and will be more ready to explore new things and territories. Intellectually, he will start to relate one thing to another and can even point or name a few familiar things or people around him. Because of his more developed capabilities, he will yearn for more independence and feels more empowered – even to disobey.

My Little University understands toddlers this age like parents do. That is why you can trust in us to provide them the perfect environment where:

  • they are free to discover more of the world around them
  • they can learn more out of their curiosity
  • they can be kept safe despite their yearning for freedom
  • they can learn progressively through toys, interaction, and play
  • they will be trained on how to behave properly and be instilled with good values

If you enroll your kids with us, you can be sure that we ensure their safety above all else. All our activities shall be facilitated by highly-trained care providers and school staff.

The usual day of our shining sophomores include activities like:

  • sing/dance with peers
  • rest/nap time
  • snacks
  • free play
  • lunch
  • learning activity
  • rest/nap time
  • free play

Should you need to know more about our programs, do not hesitate to call our school director at this number 201-933-2400. Or you may schedule a site visit with us soon to see for yourself the environment that we have created for our children, which your child can enjoy as well.