Jolly Juniors


Provide your child the best fundamental education that he can have here in My Little University. Our Jolly Juniors program provides for the right preparation that children need to be kindergarten-ready.

We understand how parents can get anxious on the development of their children and their future performance once they start attending big school. With My Little University, you can put your mind at ease knowing that we have the right programs that will make your children ready to face the bigger world out there.

With improved coordination and a more established command of the language, we provide for the following activities for your little ones here in My Little University:

  • More structured learning in math, language, basic science, and arts
  • Schemed play that encourages better social behavior and self-discipline
  • Physical activities that will further strengthen physical capabilities
  • Provision of nutritious foods that will fuel his more demanding activities

Give your child the best opportunity to excel in the future. Enroll him today in My Little University.