Sensational Seniors

kids smiling

As we prepare your child to kindergarten, we do not only look at his academic performance but we ensure that he is progressing holistically through methods that are highly-effective and age-appropriate.

My Little University readies your children for kindergarten through programs and activities that will challenge him to learn, understand, and interact more to the lessons, happenings, and people around him.

  • We start to provide a new way of expression by teaching them basic writing.
  • We encourage more his vocabulary and self-confidence by allowing them to discuss topics like family, community, and even school.
  • We provide avenues for more intellectual plays like puzzles and educational board games.
  • Allow him to explore more about science and history through quick educational trips and outside play.
  • Instill discipline, respect, and camaraderie through routines and group plays

We all want our children to excel, but here in My Little University, we do it in enjoyable and highly-entertaining ways. Don’t let the scare of big school zap the fun out of learning. Discover new approaches here in My Little University.